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Van Werven UK member British Plastics Federation

“Van Werven UK are pleased to announce that we have become an accredited member of the British Plastics Federation”, says Mark Talpade, commercial manager. The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the world's longest running plastics trade association, established in 1933 to represent the UK industry. 

The British Plastics Federation has over 450 members that span across the supply chain. This includes plastics recyclers, polymer producers and suppliers, additive manufacturers, services providers, end users, plastics processors and machinery manufacturers, in total representing over 80% of the industry by turnover.

Sustainability, safety and education
The main purpose of the BPF is to promote a successful UK plastics sector, which it does by providing membership services to the different BPF groups, including projects, events, updates, research and other activities. The BPF also works on industry-wide issues such as sustainability, safety and education. Talpade: “As a leading UK Plastics Recycler Van Werven hope to contribute and work towards a circular economy within the plastics industry.”

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